Traditional workplaces Weren't made for badass chicas...

Unleash Your Chingona Fire

Traditional workplaces weren’t created with badass chicas in mind. You have big fucking dreams and lean into being too much. Chingona Coach reignites what made you feel like the badass you already are but whose edges have been dulled over the years from work (…and life!)

Reclaim Yourself. Reignite your Fire.

Do you Feel
Unseen at Work?


Are you wondering why you are so fucking tired? Every Sunday night, do you brainstorm how to quit… again? But you don’t have the energy to show up for work, let alone find another job. You and I will work together to create your escape plan. We will build your own little escape hatch. But the crazy part is that with a lot of thought work (magical jolts happen too) you will learn to love your job (well, at least like it) until you leave for the thing that you had forgotten you always wanted.


What is the ember lying deep inside you? I want you to tell me about your unacknowledged greatness. Let us dare to be impatient in reigniting that ember… but let’s also embrace the journey and focus on your progress, not an idealized version of perfection (which actually isn’t that fun). Of course, you aren’t motivated when you’ve been unseen for so long that you forgot the lioness that you already are. Working together, you will bring your dreams out of the shadows.


You can do this even if it is one breath at a time. Even if you take three steps forward, and two steps back, we will get this done… together. Remember that shitty saying “It’s a journey, not a destination”? Well… unfortunately it’s kind of fucking true. Just like re-reading a book… being overlooked and brought to your knees, again and again, brings greater depth to your growth. Every “do-over” provides you a chance to implement what you will learn from working with me.

Chingona Coach is for ALL people socialized as women regardless of race, culture, or gender identity whose fire ❤️‍🔥Has been tempered at work.


Now it's time for Bitchcraft


Because most of us fiery souls can’t leave our jobs right away, my coaching helps women learn how to love themselves radically and not wane under your boss’s authority, so you can have the emotional and mental bandwidth to make it through the workday some weeks and thrive at work during other weeks. 

Whatever unique gifts you have can be rediscovered and refueled. Maybe some of that magic can be expressed at work… But we can make sure it most definitely can be expressed in your non-work life.

1-to-1 Coaching

I am the see’er of the unseen and the undervalued at work. You will have my undivided attention at every session. My role isn’t to tell you what to do; instead, I provide accountability and support to tap into your knowledge so that you build that sustainability muscle after sessions.

Between Session Support

I’ve had those spiraling days at work, where something is said, something is read, or something is overlooked… again. That’s why I’m available to you between sessions to vent, to plan, or to refuel before going back in (*but give me a minute to respond). 

Homework... Or Not

Every call ends with homework, whether it’s defined by you or given by me. Work between sessions helps you to dive deeper into the work we do during our time together. It can vary from a few minutes a day to a few hours of dedicated space. And not doing your homework, and then getting coached on “why” is always an option too!

You Are Chingona

If you’ve been made to feel as if you are less than others, do not provide enough value, or told to dim your light… I want you to know that you are a magical creature of value and no matter what your boss tells you or doesn’t see in you – I know that you have something radical and magical to share with this world and I can’t wait to work with you!

I Will See You, Until You Can See You.​




Whether you can’t leave your job right away or you actually want to stay, I am here to help you rediscover your unique gifts and remember who you are in the face of tough days and on your best days (and all the days in between). What did you dream about becoming when you were little? Let’s rediscover that dream together.



I will coach you on garnering the emotional and mental bandwidth to make it through the workday some days and thrive at work on others. Let’s go from workplace wallflower to the audacious wonder woman. You already have a superpower. Its edges may have been dulled over the years, but let’s reignite it!



Learn how to love yourself radically and not wane under your boss’s authority by reimagining what power means to you. The alchemy of your thoughts, feelings, and actions may be leading to a shitstorm right now, but let’s explore the magic you can create by reimagining your future.

chingona: Badass chicas who have big dreams and lean into being too much.


Revolutionary Soul & Changemaker

People Are

In a short time I was shown the many ways in which I had been blocking my own path as a successful creator. The sessions were raw, intimate and extremely eye opening.

Niko helped me face myself as an artist in a way I could not have done on my own, helping me to push through some major barriers impeding my growth. Who knows how much more time I would've wasted stumbling around in the dark.

Artist & Body healer
My sessions with Niko were grounding and very helpful during an exceptionally difficult time.

I was somewhere between extreme burnout and a crisis of purpose, and was having trouble working through the personal piece of it as work was so demanding. In working with Niko, she listened and asked questions, never judged, and helped identify priorities for moving forward and making decisions.

Artist & Associate Vice President, Government and Community Relations (in higher education)
I am grateful for my Chingona Coach sessions with Niko. It was easy to talk to her about my challenges. I appreciated her frankness and encouragement. Her sessions were just what I needed to continue on my path to expressing my full Chingonaness.

Anyone looking to grow should absolutely tap into her wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Nonprofit Executive Director
I love how Nicolassa helps me expand my consideration of other perspectives and possibilities.

❤️‍🔥 It's been life changing.

Middle School teacher, musician, & dj twitch streamer

with every dive, I dive deeper into myself


Hello, my name is Nicolassa Galvez.  

I’m a revolutionary soul.

I’m a changemaker.

I want to be your coach!

My spirit is pretty adventurous, so it doesn’t do well in traditional workplaces. I’m a nonprofit survivor (aka worked in the sector for nearly 20 years) but never could keep a position for more than 2 years so I’ve also done almost everything from running a community art center to being an onsite project manager for a construction company.

I founded Chingona Coach to support women who are undervalued by their bosses. I want you to learn how to love your job then leave it. Love it… so you don’t bring your baggage to the next opportunity. And leave it… because I don’t believe traditional workplaces are set up for badass chicas who have big dreams and lean into being too much.

After years of feeling tempered at work, coaching helped me rekindle my internal Chingona fire, and now I coach other women to do the same. 

You are Chingona. Be the Badass you were born to be.


magical Creatures of Value


Your worst boss ever is always YOU. 

I’ve always been harder and more relentless on myself and my mistake than any boss I’ve ever left. I looked to them for relief. I empowered them by virtue of their role in my life to convince the critical voices in my head that I was better than the voices who gave me credit. 

I didn’t think I had the authority to tell the voices they were wrong because I was just a “low-rung employee,” but my boss had authority just because they were “the boss.” 

I gave them more authority than I gave myself. Then entered coaching on radical love and that I could be the my own “best boss I ever had.”

Don't Fuck With My Energy


Do you need to vent about work stress in a safe, confidential s[ace that only my eyes see?  Want to send me the “real” email you want to write to your boss before sending the “acceptable” email? Treat this venting box like rushing to the bathroom to text your bestie about what just happened at work. I read all these messages and will reply (most likely not before you have to send that email but you will hear from me). If you need help ASAP, check out this free list of resources I used to help me with work stress.

You can also use this form to ask questions or inquire about coaching support. Whatever it is, use this form to get a hold of me.

Learn about Your Fire


Whatever unique gifts you have can be rediscovered and refueled. Maybe some of that magic can’t be expressed at your work… But it most definitely can be reignited in your non-work life. Sign up for my emails and learn how you can reignite your Chingona Fire.