Be Ignited: Listen, Read, Watch...

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Change Your Mindset

Kara Lowentheil hosts my favorite podcast and she also got me back in to coaching. Listen to her show for a feminist mindset fix.

Run with Wolves

Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés introduced me to how a rebellious soul can survive AND thrive in our current world.

Feel It All

I created a Spotify playlist to help you Unleash Your Chingona Fire. It's some of my favorites songs to help tap into ALL of your emotions.

Affirm Yourself

Take affirmations to a whole new level with ThinkUp. There's something about hearing your own voice that makes affirmations more real and grounded.

Freaking the F out?

I had Lama Rod Owens meditations as a shortcut on my phone screen to listen to at especially stressful moments at work. I would lay down and listen to the list on repeat and my activated nervous system was regulated.

All the Books

I created a list of books to help you Reignite Your Chingona Fire. Its some of my favorite books to help you heal, process, and learn how to be Chingona... again. It includes selections from self-help to poetry and spans the last 20 years of my healing journey.

Body Doubling

Caveday is my favorite body-doubling website because of the community vibe, accountability measures, and time-blocking opportunity. This link gives you one-month to try it out for only $1. I hope to see you in one of the caves!

Move Your body

Strengthside beginner stretches are my favorite (and basically only) way I will move my body because I hate exercise so much. There is something about these videos being a step in the progression to parkour that tricks my brain into staying engaged.

*This is an affiliate link. I earn commissions from my sponsored links, but this doesn’t dictate my recommendations – how much I love them and think they will help you as they did me is why they are listed.